Monday, March 29, 2010

Chillin' at Jack's Loft

The other weekend, me and my colleague went to Sct. Madrinal near ABS-CBN for a meeting with this modeling agency. It was a particularly hot day. The sun was blazing and there is no cloud to cover the sun rays. We were early so, we decided to sit down at Jack's Loft. When I visit one particular cafe or restaurant, there's got to be something that I remember about it. With Jack's Loft, it's the luscious, sinful and breathtaking chocolate decadent cake and the most refreshing iced tea I ever tasted--- in a fishbowl!

Yes, in a fishbowl. You can actually share it with 4-5 more people because it's really a big order. This iced tea is like red tea with zest of orange not particularly sweet neither bland to the taste. It's really good especially when you were walking under the crazy sunlight like this. You can imagine the breeze of cool wind and the smell of the ocean by the shore. (inhale, exhale)


I got to try this chocolate decadent cake for the first time a few years back when I was out partying with my friends in Libis. We had dinner first and then, when we decided to have a desert, one of them suggested to try this slice of heaven. Oh gosh, I was so thankful she introduced this to me. It's a taste of happiness the moment you take a bite. All your endorphins will blast like pyrotechnics because the dark flavor of chocolates and the hint of sweetness of caramel and the moist cake dough just melts in your mouth, you won't have time to chew it. :)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Typical Party Plate

When we go to parties, it's always expected to have a full plate. People would always remember the food, not the event that they have gone to. Amusingly, I found party plates really full like this one. No matter what the occasion, you can always find a full plate with rice, pasta, chicken, fish, pork and beef dishes. Not to discount of course the bottomless iced tea and the sweet desert. How about you, what's your party plate? C'mon, dig in!