Friday, December 30, 2011


On the last working day of year 2011, me and my officemates decided to have a hefty breakfast at Larry's in Serendra.  They had spent breakfast on the 26th there and I was told that the meals are superb.  So, we all decided to go back (well, as for me, my first visit) to end the year with something delish.  Each breakfast plate is good to fill a real hungry stomach which they serve 'til 10:30.  You can even dine before breakfast serving closes so it becomes your "brunch."  Here's what I've got:

Cebu Danggit
First, I must say that the garnishing is really great.  It's a refreshing match with the dried crispy danggit.  Tasting it from the saucer, I'd say the tomato and white onion has a semi-sweet and sour vinegar dashed with ground pepper.  The whole combination of garlic rice, danggit and sunny side up egg is totally comforting, very homey and hearty.  I actually emptied my plate in no time! :)

Next time I dine, I'd try the Hefty Platter - a sampler of corned beef, tocino and longganisa.  Yum!

Mangia! Mangia!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

REVIEW | Spaghetti at Domino's Pizza

Right after a client meeting, I went down from the building and looked for something to eat for my late lunch. Since I was really hungry, I decided to take a pasta from Domino's. I was expecting a hefty serving since it's pricey (about 100 pesos) but the serving was in a small foil tray - microwaved! It means, it's already pre-cooked. But since I'm already starving, I have to eat even if I was thinking of the pasta in Sbarro or in Trattoria Sicily Restaurant in Robinson's Place Manila where the price is almost the same: 100-120 pesos and above. While I take each mouthful, I was already comparing it with my two favorite pasta places and somehow, I regret that I ate pasta here. I remember eating pizza at Domino's and I thought it was good. And since it was good, I was kinda expecting that the pasta, too, will be as delicious. But, well yeah, I should have ordered the pizza next time. No pasta from Domino's :)

Mangia, mangia!

Bella Donna