Wednesday, December 28, 2011

REVIEW | Spaghetti at Domino's Pizza

Right after a client meeting, I went down from the building and looked for something to eat for my late lunch. Since I was really hungry, I decided to take a pasta from Domino's. I was expecting a hefty serving since it's pricey (about 100 pesos) but the serving was in a small foil tray - microwaved! It means, it's already pre-cooked. But since I'm already starving, I have to eat even if I was thinking of the pasta in Sbarro or in Trattoria Sicily Restaurant in Robinson's Place Manila where the price is almost the same: 100-120 pesos and above. While I take each mouthful, I was already comparing it with my two favorite pasta places and somehow, I regret that I ate pasta here. I remember eating pizza at Domino's and I thought it was good. And since it was good, I was kinda expecting that the pasta, too, will be as delicious. But, well yeah, I should have ordered the pizza next time. No pasta from Domino's :)

Mangia, mangia!

Bella Donna

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