Saturday, January 8, 2011

SHAWARMA SNACK CENTER: Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine

On Thursday night, I met a friend of mine at Robinson's Place Manila. It was a cold night and I've been starting to chill (again). She asked me if we could check out the shawarma place across Adriatico street. I was wondering if it's still there because when me and Jacob of Jacob's Shawarma checked the place, we didn't find it. And so I thought it was gone. But it was my mistake. We didn't walk further ahead. And when me and my friend did, we've seen the smoke coming out from the grill of kebab sticks. It was awesome!

So ordered for our food. What's on the tab?
- Beryani Chicken Rice
- Extra Beryani Rice
- Kebab
- Salad
- Extra Pita Bread
- one Coke in can

And we started with this:

SSC Bean Soup

Bean Soup in curry and cumin. I'm not really a fan of curry and I don't eat curry! Not ever! But when I tasted this soup, it was so good. At first I thought it was potato soup, but it wasn't. The consistency was different from potato. And since I was chilling, I think this soup gave me some healing effect while we were eating.

The green salad consists of tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, parsley and with a dash of some other herbs and lemongrass. With lime or calamansi on the side, you can spread this over a piece of pita bread, put in some of chili and garlic-mayo sauce, roll it and yum yum! you won't understand the next word I say. :)

One order of Chicken Beryani Rice is meant for sharing: Half chicken and beryani rice. the rice has turmeric and cumin too and somehow a bit curry-ish but it was ok with me. The chicken is tender and juicy and there isn't a trace of blood in the meat. My friend said because the procedure of preparing the food is Halal.

The kebab is also tender. You can taste the flavors bursting in your mouth.

All of these, you think are just too much for the three of us. We were fed well that night and WITHOUT THE GUILT! You won't even feel bloated after eating these delightful cuisines. It's like visiting Persia or some mid-eastern country. And it wasn't really bad, in fact their food is good! The place is packed with people night after night. And as far as I can remember, this place is in and around Malate when I first worked here in year 2000. And it's still standing, in fact expanding! The the former seafood restaurant infront of the original snackhouse was renovated to a three-story Shawarma Snack Center seafood restaurant with free wi-fi access!

So if you're in Malate, whether craving for an authentic mediterranean cuisine, or just want to try something out of the ordinary, you should not miss Shawarma Snack Center. When you're in Robinson's just exit to Adriatico side, look out for Salas street and walk straight ahead until you reach the restaurant.

Mangia! Mangia!



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