Friday, November 19, 2010


Whoever once enjoyed ice scramble in their childhood will surely be feeling happy to see its comeback. Recently, I was strolling at Robinson's Place Manila when I saw people lined up at this one food stall in Padre Faura wing. "There must be something new out there", I said to myself. As I came closer, I saw a very fresh-looking foodcart, lighted up, and blushing in pale pink background. I was seeing a childhood favorite: ICE SCRAMBLE! I instantly ordered one cup for myself and as I was waiting for the staff to prepare my much-awaited ice scramble, memories are flooding thru my head:

I grew up in Pasay as a child and we had this neighbor who has a bicycle customized with a tiny roof and styro cooler on the side. The styro contains the pink-colored scrambled ice mixed with sugar and vanilla. On the side are those tiny little pink pearls contained in a bottle, milk and hershey's chocolate swirl that he puts on top of the ice scramble. Makes my heart melt everytime he puts those sweet garnishes. And as soon as you taste it, you can feel the smooth crushed ice in your mouth. Unlike today, he scrambles the ice manually with this egg-beater like machine.

Now, this ice scramble has a gotten a lot of twist. Its pearls tastes a bit sour and you can pop it. You can also customize it with candy sprinkles, popped rice, chocolates, etc. But I still love the good old ice scramble that I use to have as a kid. I always look forward to it everytime I get out of school. Only - I have to get it behind my father's back because he's not so into this ice scramble. Haha! I wish these modern-day ice scramble carts would have the classic recipe. I would love to buy one cup everyday.

Mangia! Mangia!


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  1. Every trueblue Filipino childhood favorite. I am so addicted to it right now that sometimes, especially on a lazy day, I get my arse right out of the house just to hunt for these amazingly refreshing local treat.

    I'll follow your blog for future food reference.

    Love to you,